Healthy Living - 28 Simple Changes to Transform Your Body and Mind

Healthy Living - 28 Simple Changes to Transform Your Body and Mind / Diet

Healthy life. These two words are getting louder every day. Many people around the world are increasingly looking for a healthy lifestyle, options to stay in shape and take care of the health of the mind. Bloggers and bloggers share this "life style" for social networks, and everyone loves to post that photo in the gym. But deep down, what is a healthy life? How did we manage to conquer it? Can life be 100% healthy?

What is Healthy Living?

Before we know how we can achieve the much-desired quality of life and health of body and mind, we need to be aware of what a healthy life really is. Stop and think. What is this to you?

People may have different concepts about what it is to live a healthy life, and they can and should be constantly evolving. But in general, we need to think about healthy life as a set of behaviors and habits that will bring us well being, promote physical and mental health and even bring benefits to the people around us, with whom we live and work; when we are well, our relationship with the other also improves.

From this, it is necessary to understand that the concept does not involve, therefore, only diet and exercises, it is necessary to take care, besides the body, of the mind, of the heart and, for the credulous ones, of spirituality. Striking a balance between professional and personal, between dedicating oneself to the other and yourself, between the essential and the banal ... All this is part of a constant search that will bring benefits in the short, medium and long term, with quality of life and happiness.

What are the benefits of adopting a healthy life?

Living an uncontrolled life can be quite pleasurable for some people, who accept that behavior as a lifestyle and live well with it. However, depending on your habits, life may charge the bill at some point and then it may be too late to change.

But if you want to change, start today. Great results are the result of years of dedication, and this is true for all areas of life. You do not have to live like a headquarters, taking things in a very rigid and radical way, but stop, think what you want for you now and in the future and adopt habits that will get you there is what will bring you well being and quality of life.

Why can a healthy lifestyle help me? We can list a few whys, but they are not the only ones.

  • Because you will feel extremely pleased and proud when you achieve some goal;
  • Because achieving that goal will motivate you to work for your next ones;
  • Because you will feel better every day, willing and energized;
  • Because you will feel secure in the decisions you make;
  • Because it will keep you from getting sick, which brings suffering to you and your family and makes you spend rivers of money to regain health and lose precious days when you could be running after your goals;
  • Because you can encourage your whole family to do the same and be healthier;
  • Because life is one, and your body is where it will be throughout it. Taking advantage is important, but we also need to take care to continue taking advantage of here 5, 10, 50 years.

How to achieve a healthy life?

No one, or almost anyone, can live a life totally or 100% healthy. We are exposed every day to harmful agents such as pollutants, agrochemicals, stress ... But what we must do is to maximize alternatives and habits that minimize the harmful effects of the environment - thinking of environment not only as physical space and nature but also as social space - and doing our part for our well being.

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Some changes are quite simple and just require us to be attentive to our health and take some time to dedicate ourselves. When you incorporate these habits into your life, you will already do it without realizing it, as a quite natural thing.

Here are some simple changes that may sound silly and cliché, but a lot of people do not pay attention and they will help you transform your body and mind and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

1) Drink water, plenty of water, more water

Every person needs every day, at least 2 to 3L of water. In fact this value is higher, but we are already discounting the volume of water usually ingested through solid foods, which also have water.

More than 60% of our body is composed of water. Water is the medium in which all biochemical reactions occur in our body. It is how the body eliminates impurities and transports nutrients.

Drinking water in adequate amounts will make you less hungry and reduce fluid accumulation and swelling and even improve excretion and kidney function. Therefore rule number 1: drink water. Oh and not worthy soda full of sugar, it's even water, that insipid, odorless and colorless. Take your bottle, mug or squeeze always with you, when to go out, to work, to the gym. That way it's harder to forget.

2) Sleep well

Lack of sleep causes tiredness, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, can increase appetite, early aging, in short, a collection of factors that do not combine with a healthy life. So rule number 2 is: sleep well!

Some people need more or less sleep, but be sure to fulfill the amount of hours that makes you feel fully rested and recovered every day. In general, for adults, the amount of sleep needed daily is 7 to 9 hours. Schedule yourself to sleep early if you need to, or find a way to wake up later, such as changing your entry time at work.

3) Exercise

Another classic tip right? But you can not escape. Your body needs to move to stay active and young. Movement is life. Practice physical activity every day. Yes, every day, or at least almost everyone. Of course the body also needs a rest. But, the question is: being a weekend athlete is not worth it, and may even increase the risk of heart attacks for example. Even if you do not go to the gym, go for a walk, choose to climb stairs instead of the elevator, make simple choices that will set you in motion. It is clear that a professional-oriented, regular and frequent training is the best option. But if you have not yet enrolled in the gym or are averse to it, go to the park near your home, go upstairs, go to the bakery on foot, anyway, do not stay all day on the sofa with the remote control in hand. This will be a first step.

Exercise demonstrably increases life expectancy, prevents various diseases, maintains bone density and of course, helps to lose weight.

4) Choose a pleasurable physical activity

The second step after leaving the comfort zone delimited by your sofa, is to look for activities that are pleasurable for you. Find a new one or resuscitate from your school days, any sport you enjoy. This will help keep you on the plan and not go to class for two weeks and never come back, even paying for the annual plan you have hired. You can play volleyball on the beach, form a group to play soccer, swim, do cross fit, bodybuilding, pole dance fitness, yoga, various types of dance and fights, stand up paddle, and even play rugby or practice le parkour. There are a million possibilities, there is hardly anything in the world that you will not enjoy practicing. Make an effort.

5) Eat more fruits and vegetables

Yeah, we got on the diet. "Wow, what a boring thing!" Yes, for some people, just hearing the word diet already shivers the whole body. Understand that the word diet can be used only to refer to a healthy diet. You do not have to count calories every day, but make the best choices possible. Eating fruits and vegetables ensures that you will be getting plenty of nutrients that the steak with chips or the hamburger will not give you. They are rich in vitamins and minerals which, believe me, are key to your body. Without them our health as a whole gets impaired, we become sick more easily, our low immunity, losing or gaining weight becomes even more difficult, in the end, eat in a varied way. You do not have to eat a rainbow in every meal every day, but always have a salad in the house, a fruit in the refrigerator, and when eating outside, enjoy the variety and make a colorful dish.

6) Eliminate sugar from your life

Eliminating is a strong word and, let's face it, almost impossible to do. But if you can not eliminate it, reduce it to the maximum. Sugar is extremely dangerous and too much of it leads to overweight and increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease among other ills. Educate your child early on not to depend on this tasty enemy, good habits have been created since childhood.

7) Eat in small portions

Eat several times a day and in small portions. You will realize that over time your body gets used to it and this task is getting easier and easier. You will not overeat at the next meal because you will be less hungry and will not be able to overeat even when you try. Opt for healthy snacks between the main meals.

8) Avoid industrialized foods

They contain all kinds of synthetic substance such as dyes, sweeteners, flavoring, preservatives, in addition to being mostly high in sugar, or fat or both. Avoid them to the maximum.Prepare your meals more, they will be very healthy and this will help you change the way you view your food.

9) Reduce the amount of salt

Salt is villainous, but only if consumed too much. But as we easily consume much more salt (read sodium) than we really need, then almost always it's villain. Our body needs sodium for vital functions. Those who practice physical activities and sweat a lot need even more. However, the amount present in processed foods and those added in food preparation almost always exceeds the healthy amount. Use less sodium options (yes, there are already light salts and alternative types to common sea salt) and try to reduce consumption, your taste buds gradually become used. Salt greatly increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and even heart attack. Beware of him.

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10) Read the nutritional information of foods

You bet you'll be surprised. Dangers hidden by a beautiful and flashy package may be threatening you without your even realizing it. Try to look at the calories, amount of fat, trans fats, sugar, cholesterol, anyway, all those that will be going straight to your blood when you eat that stuffed wafer that is so accustomed or even that boxy juice so famous it looks so healthy.

11) Stop eating when you are satisfied

If you also commit the capital sin of gluttony, here's the tip. Before you try to eat the whole steakhouse, stop, think and feel your full stomach fighting with your brain that wants everything your eyes are seeing. Make your brain understand the limitation of your stomach, you do not need to eat that much.

12) Take Omega 3

You can also eat salmon. But taking the fish oil capsules every day can be quite practical. Omega 3, which is a type of essential unsaturated fatty acid, helps balance blood pressure, does well to the heart and reduces inflammation.

13) Take care of the health of your teeth

It is not just with blood pressure, blood glucose and more serious illnesses that you should worry about. Take care of your oral health, it is as important as the other organs and it is with it that you get the best tool for approaching people, the smile.

14) Stop smoking immediately

Nor do we need to list all the harms of cigarette smoking here. In addition to avoiding further damage to your physical health, the health of your pocket will also thank you. Make an account of how much you spend annually with cigarettes and see what you could do with that money. Travel, buy a new cell phone or even gift someone special. Worth it? It's difficult, everyone knows, get help and most of all seek the strength you need within yourself.

15) If you drink, drink in moderation (for real)

Okay, this is not alcoholic drink advertising, but there the phrase "drink in moderation" exists only because it is mandatory because, in fact, what they want is for them to drink more and more and more. After all, they need to sell, it's the market. But alcohol, like cigarettes, is also extremely harmful, completely affecting your metabolism, which can cause illness and still leave you with that little beer. Of course, weekend get-togethers with friends and family are often alcohol-fueled, but consume conscientiously, do not throw away all your stress of the week. A good glass of wine, from time to time, is also a good request and may even do good health.

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16) Forget the balance

Yes, that's exactly production. Do not focus your attention on how many grams you gained or lost that week. Expand your thinking. Be good to yourself, to your health (above all else) and stay focused and dedicated before you need to be well with a number. Of course, it is necessary to follow her physical evolution also by the scale, but do not become her slave.

17) Reflect more

Take moments for yourself. Before making a decision or after an achievement stop and reflect. About your life, about your goals, about who you want to be and who you really are. What you need to do to get there. Value your qualities and identify your weaknesses. Look inside if you know and then you are ready to know the world and fight for what is important to you in it.

18) Send Negative Thoughts Away

Negativity does not solve any problem. What solves problems are motivation and planning. It is not a question of living by always idealizing things as perfect and then frustrating oneself. It's about knowing the difficulty exists, but also knowing what you need to do to face it, holding on to the hope that it can work.And there is still the theory that good thoughts attract good things, and vice versa. Do not risk it.

19) And negative people too

Surely you will already have difficulty enough dealing with your own negativity, you do not need to keep people around like that.

20) Learn to say no

You can not please everyone or embrace the world. Understand that you also have limits and you need to respect them to respect yourself. Learn to say no to what does not really do you good, that you do not have the physical, mental or financial time or capacity to do. This can be liberating, try it.

21) Get more out

Get to know your own city, meet new places, travel, meet people and cultures. The world outside is too big to close in its own world.

22) Always learn something new

Keep your brain active, ready to receive new things. Take courses, learn how to play an instrument, surfing, doing crafts, photographing, making a bonsai ... there are plenty of options.

23) Find a "healthy life partner"

If you're lucky, that mission can get a lot easier. Find someone to keep you company in your "crazy" healthy lifestyle, that puts you up, that helps you stay focused. It could be the husband / wife, a son, a friend, the parents, a training partner ...

24) Work with the one you love

This is certainly not a simple task, but it is certainly one of the most valuable. Doing what you love helps you feel fulfilled and the reflection of it can be seen in many other areas of life. If you dedicate yourself to the career, but do not forget what career happens, the family stays. Even if you do not have the dream job, do not stay in the comfort zone, get what you want.

25) If you can, go to the psychologist

No, therapy is not only for those who have had a trauma, those who have depression, for children with separated parents or any other case that you believe applies. We all have our conflicts, points to improve, to share. Try it and you may be surprised how well you can feel.

26) Find purpose in your life

This advice, while it is so simple, is very complex. By finding something worth living for and waking up every day you will have everything you need to pursue happiness and consequently a healthy life.

27) If you allow yourself to "get out of a healthy life" sometimes (but only sometimes)

Of course, no one is a machine, we are human, with human desires and needs. So do not deprive yourself of some pleasures of life, but have good sense, it will surely guide you the best way.

28) Oh, and do not forget the sunscreen!

What is your healthy living tip? Comment below!