Are You a Lean False Person?

Are You a Lean False Person? / Diet

Even if you are not an obese person you can still be a fake lean. Here's what you need to know about this common condition. There are many people whose weight is normal or low according to BMI - body mass index or tables of height and weight - even though they are not very healthy or fit.

This is because the person is actually a false lean, which means they have poor body composition - a lot of fat compared to lean mass (muscles, bones, etc.).

For example, a woman of 1.65 m tall with 49 kg and 35% body fat would be considered underweight by BMI, but almost 18 kg of her total weight is fat.

People whose weight is normal or low but have large amounts of fat, have the same increased risk for health problems as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which have people overweight.

Along with these high risks of health problems, people whose weight is normal or low, but who have large amount of body fat, have flabby bodies. They are well dressed, but without clothes or beach clothes they do not look good.

Many people are thin because they lead an unhealthy lifestyle and many overweight people end up getting lean because they lose weight the wrong way - they resort to low calorie diets and do no or very little exercise.

When you drastically reduce the calories to make the body hungry, you take away also the lean mass. Many people on low-calorie diets lose more lean mass than body fat. By losing lean muscle mass, your body becomes more flaccid and weak and your metabolism slows down.

The way to lose fat without becoming a false lean is to combine a nutrition plan with physical training.

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A nutrition plan whose goal is weight loss is based on cutting calories rather than reducing them dramatically. It is also based on eating certain healthy foods that are less likely to be converted to fat. This plan is not temporary like a diet, it is a permanent way of eating and can be followed for the rest of your life.

An exercise routine for this should include aerobic exercises and weight training to lose fat without losing lean muscle mass and without slowing down the metabolism. There are many benefits associated with aerobic exercise and strength training.


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