Fattening Vodka? Calories, Analysis and Tips

Fattening Vodka? Calories, Analysis and Tips / Diet

How many calories are in vodka? Does that vodka drink make you fat and ruin your diet? Or does it help you lose weight? Too much Vodka is destroying your liver, or is moderate alcohol consumption good for your heart? Is it okay to drink if you find low calorie blends for vodka? There is a lot of misinformation with regard to alcohol. We hope we can help make it clearer to you if vodka gets fat or not.

Calories from Pure Vodka

Let's start with the basics. One serving of vodka, which is 42 grams, has about 100 calories. This is for vodkas with 40% alcohol, which most vodkas are. More alcohol means more calories. Vodka with 50% alcohol has about 125 calories per serving. But this is still not much; it may take only 15 to 20 minutes of workout to burn a dose of vodka.

A hundred calories is not bad at all. You can have a drink or two every day and, with just 200 calories, that would not be enough to ruin your diet. You may want to remove 200 calories from some other source - say say no to the box of chocolates at work - and this easily compensates for two servings per day. But the number of calories in vodka tells only part of the story.

Calories in Vodka in Drinks and Ice Drinks

When we analyze the calories of vodka in drinks or drinks of the type "Ice" we see that it is easier to gain weight when consuming some units.

  • Smirnoff Ice (275 ml) - 184 calories
  • 51 Ice (Tangerine flavor) (275 ml) - 197 calories
  • 51 Ice (lime, passion fruit or lemon flavor) (275 ml) - 197 calories
  • Orloff Ice (290 ml) - 142 calories
  • Flying Ice (300ml) - 230 calories
  • Flying Strong Ice (300ml) - 270 calories
  • Mexican Ice (300ml) - 246 calories
  • Sex on the Beach (150 ml) = 200 lime
  • Pina Colada (200 ml) = 280 lime
  • Lemon caipivodka (200 ml) = 360 lime
  • Pineapple Caipiroska (200 ml) = 405 lime

Why Does Vodka Fatten in Truth?

When you think if vodka gets fat, it's not just a matter of calories. You need to think about the other effects of alcohol. Some experts say it slows down metabolism by inhibiting testosterone, which has muscle building and fat burning properties. Alcohol has basically zero vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Also, keep in mind that when you have had a few drinks, your inhibitions decrease and you are more likely to eat greasy chips in the bar (or aipim, but what's the difference?).

Most people have as a clear and obvious truth that vodka gets fat, but the truth is that the most fattening is the snacks you eat when you are taking your caipirinha. You may be eating a whole package of peanuts, canapés, various salty snacks and so many other delicious savory snacks that we like to snack on when we have our favorite beverage.

Nor can we forget, of course, that 99% of people do not drink pure vodka. That is, you probably will not get the vodka, put a measure in the glass with ice and that's it. Usually people use it in drinks with fruit juices, coconut milk, soft drinks and so many other variations. And that way, every drink turns into a calorie bomb. As you can see, the amount of calories from vodka itself is not the biggest problem, but the calories from drinks that use vodka.

Does Vodka Thin?

However, there is data suggesting that the calories in vodka you consume do not make you gain weight! In fact, some studies have unbelievably shown that replacing calories from food with alcohol can lead to a decrease in weight. This is probably not healthy, especially if you are drinking a lot, but it is interesting to comment.

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This can occur because calories in vodka (about 7 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram in protein and carbohydrate and 9 calories per gram in fat) are processed by the liver before they can turn into fat. The fact is that claiming that vodka is thin is more to madness, or controversy, than truth.

Tips For Not Getting Fat

Okay, this is all very good. So what to think of all this? There is one more practical consideration to keep in mind, and this is it. How do you drink your vodka? Do you take doses or pure? Most people take vodka in some kind of drink. Mixtures like soda, orange juice and tonic water are rich in sugar. It's not just the calories in vodka that you need to worry about, it's all that sugar, which is a source of calories.

As we have already seen, the effect of vodka itself on your diet is unclear. It may be that you gain weight or not. But if you drink a lot of alcohol mixed with a soda, you can be sure that this vodka drink gets fatter! The easy solution to this problem is to find low calorie blends for vodka.

We are not here to tell you to simply ignore the calories in vodka, or even to stop drinking. Just make sure you have all the information, so you can enjoy a drink from time to time without having to let go of the belt.

Final considerations

One reason so many people believe that alcohol in general, and even vodka gets fat, is because of the indulgent behavior that results from drinking. If you look closely at rationalizing why vodka makes you gain weight, especially in small amounts and not every day, very little has to do with the vodka itself.

If you have a balanced diet that includes whole foods, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and you do regular physical activity, you may worry less if your drink will make you fat. Avoid very high calorie and fatty foods, but especially when you are drinking, and you can keep your body burning fat.

The key to enjoying vodka without sacrificing weight loss is to limit your calories in each drink and avoid over drinking. When you consume too much vodka, alcohol jumps in front of the fat waiting to be burned. So moderate alcohol consumption does not make you fat, but drinking too much and a bad diet, yes.

How often do you drink alcohol each week? Do your favorite drinks contain vodka? Do you think you may be sabotaging your diet for this? Comment below.