Does Viva Hair Work? Formula, Testimonials, Before and After

Does Viva Hair Work? Formula, Testimonials, Before and After / Aesthetics

In search of beautiful and healthy hair, many people are faced with various products that promise incredible effects on the wires. It is difficult, however, to know if these products really work.

Viva Hair is a product that, in addition to being composed of natural ingredients, offers several health benefits of yarn. We will provide full information on the composition and discuss whether Viva Hair works even based on its formula and testimonials and images from before and after people who have already tested the product.

Viva Hair - What It Is

Viva Hair is a natural vitamin supplement produced by Max Formula with a focus on hair health. It combines several substances that are already known to bring benefits to hair health, making your hair stronger and healthier.

The capillary structure is mainly formed by keratin, a protein formed by a set of amino acids that make up structures such as hair and nails.

Studies indicate that keratin deficiency is a major cause of hair damage, as it and other nutrients are lost day by day due to exposure to the sun, wind, heat from equipment such as dryers and plugs plus chemical treatments such as brushes progressives. All this harms the threads, which lose their strength, luster, softness and vitality due to the loss of nutrients.

Viva Hair works as a complex of vitamins, amino acids and minerals to provide all these nutrients to restore the structures present on the scalp, hair follicles and wires, so that hair regains growth with health and strength.


Viva Hair presents in its composition several nutritious ingredients that promise to bring benefits to the hair. Among them we have biotin, collagen, selenium, zinc, pyridoxine, chromium, vitamin A, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), batana extract (Caribbean Oil), iron, vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, copper, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

- Biotin

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Also called vitamin B7, it acts as a great source of protein for hair. Biotin helps nourish the scalp and helps hair to grow healthier due to its direct action on the hair follicle, in addition to stimulating the production of keratin.

- Collagen

Just like on the skin, collagen is also present in the scalp. It works by strengthening the region of the scalp and increasing the elasticity of the tissues. This promotes better nutrition and the growth of stronger, thicker and healthier yarns.

- Selenium

Selenium is a mineral present in Viva Hair that helps keep the locks protected from the damage caused by free radicals, which when they act on the threads can result in premature aging. In addition, it helps fight against micro-organisms such as fungi that cause dandruff.

- Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the best vitamins for hair. It is able to hydrate and strengthen the threads, reducing the occurrence of double ends and minimizing the breaking of the threads. In addition, vitamin A is an antioxidant compound that prevents damage by free radicals, combating cell damage and preventing premature hair aging.

- Pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is a very important vitamin B complex in yarn nutrition. In addition to nourishing and accelerating hair growth, pantothenic acid enhances the color and shine of hair.

- Extract of batana or ojon

Also called Caribbean Oil or Ojon Extract, batana extract is a great nutrient for hair. It is able to promote hair repair, restructure the primary structure of the hair, as well as promote shine and vitality and protect the hair from day to day damage.

- Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in preventing fall and nourishing the hair, promoting healthy hair growth. Like vitamin A, vitamin E is an antioxidant compound that protects the hair from damage caused by free radicals that arise due to the natural aging process and unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation and harmful airborne pollutants.

- Chrome

Chromium helps regulate oiliness on the scalp, leaving hair more clean, beautiful and healthy.

- Pyridoxine

Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 provides amino acids necessary to make up the hair strand structure and allow for faster and healthier growth.

- Zinc

Zinc is a very important mineral that acts on various metabolic processes throughout the body. In addition, it stimulates some enzymes and regulates hormones that are related to hair growth.

- Iron

Iron is one of the most important minerals in the body.Their absence may result in anemia, which is a serious deficiency of this micronutrient.

As it participates in transporting nutrients and oxygen through the blood red blood cells, its absence can cause dull and weak hair as the vitamins and minerals end up not getting enough in the region of the scalp.

The presence of iron in Viva Hair works to promote good blood flow and ensure the delivery of nutrients needed for beautiful and healthy hair.

- Vitamin C

Vitamin C, in addition to the antioxidant action, helps stimulate collagen production, strengthen yarn, keep moisture in hair and moisturize yarn.

- Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or niacin helps improve blood circulation in the region of the scalp, which allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the place to nourish the hair.

- Copper

Copper is a mineral that also helps nourish wires and prevent premature aging. 

- D vitamin

The absence of vitamin D may result in hair loss. Thus, the presence of this vitamin in Viva Hair works to regulate the levels of other nutrients important for hair health, in addition to strengthening the hair, preventing hair loss and breakage. 

- B12 vitamin

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is important because it promotes cellular regeneration in the scalp, removing dead or damaged cells that allow for a healthier growth of the wires.

Other B vitamins such as vitamins B1 and B2 also appear to contribute to the health and good appearance of hair.


Viva Hair works for people who have some problems like:

  • Slow or no growth of hair;
  • Hair loss;
  • No gloss on hair;
  • Hair without volume;
  • Baldness signs;
  • Weak and brittle wires. 


Among the main benefits expected with the use of Viva Hair are:

  • Hair regeneration;
  • Nutrition from the scalp to the wires;
  • Faster growth;
  • Reduction of falls, breaks and double ends;
  • Hydration;
  • Strength and vitality of hair;
  • Reduced oil without drying hair;
  • Replacement of keratin and amino acids;
  • Antioxidant effects that help protect and restore damaged hair follicles.


Below are some testimonials from people who tested the product and got good results.

"I was surprised at how fast Viva Hair worked. I noticed the difference very fast ... soon my hair grew and became healthy. Even in areas where it was already a little drained. I was impressed!"- Evelin F. (hairdresser from São Paulo).

"My hair is finally growing, shiny and wonderful since I started using Viva Hair. I can not think of another product for my hair besides Viva Hair ". Anita S. (accountant in Rio de Janeiro).

"The brittle wires disappeared and the spaces thinned as well. My hair is beautiful! I loved it!" Fátima S. (promoter of events in Santa Catarina).

Before and after

Some people have already tested the vitamin complex Viva Hair and posted the results obtained on blogs and websites. Below you can see before and after photos of Viva Hair and the changes that have been achieved such as hair growth, moisturizing, shine and even correction of flaws in the scalp.


How to use

Viva Hair should be used according to the instructions on the product label or as directed by a nutritionist. Take one capsule every day to see the benefits.

Although it is composed only of natural ingredients, it is not recommended to take more than one capsule a day, since the ingestion of nutrients in excess can be harmful to health in some cases.

Side effects

Viva Hair does not usually cause side effects. It is only important to be careful with possible allergic reactions to any of the components of the formula.

Some people are afraid to use the product because they hear Viva Hair grows fat. But this is a myth. In general, no type of vitamin is able to promote weight gain.

Some of them as vitamins present in the B complex may even stimulate appetite, but no type of vitamin fattens, since they do not contain calories and only serve to supply possible nutritional deficiencies in the organism.

Does Viva Hair work?

On the internet most of the reports found are positive reports in favor of the complex and very few indicate that the product did not work. Therefore, from the testimonials of users we can affirm yes that Viva Hair works.

What we can conclude is that Viva Hair is a combination of hair and scalp nutrients that can benefit yarns with regular use if the cause of damage to your hair is a poor nutrient diet or inadequate absorption of vitamins and minerals.

However, it is necessary to be aware that, in some cases, problems related to your capillary health may have causes other than nutritional deficiency, such as the use of certain types of medications, hormonal changes, age and physical trauma such as burns or fractures in the head region.

That way, the product may work for some people who, in fact, have some kind of nutritional deficiency that is causing damage to the wires. If your diet is fairly balanced and healthy, Viva Hair will probably not make much difference.

Do you know anyone who has used and claims that Viva Hair works? Are you curious about trying the product? Comment below!