You Will not Believe What This Pregnant Twin Can Do

You Will not Believe What This Pregnant Twin Can Do / Exercises

Doing a gym exercise such as handstand is certainly not an easy task for anyone. But that is not the case with Julia Sharpe, a 27-year-old woman who not only managed to perform the movement very well, but also did it when she was 35 weeks pregnant - almost nine months pregnant - and I was expecting twins.

Check out the video with the girl's feat:

Julia has been practicing gymnastics since she was two years old and continued her training during pregnancy with proper follow-up from her doctor.

The girl says she trained as hard as she could while still waiting for the babies because she wanted to go back to the gym just after the birth of her children.

She even revealed that she did everything until a certain period of her gestation. However, when she arrived at 16 weeks she was advised by doctors not to do exercises that worked the abdomen and when she was 28 weeks had to rest.

It was only when she completed 34 weeks that the doctors said she could get out of the rest and Julia came back active: "I did a few more hand stops, but mostly I just walked and did yoga," he said.

After giving birth to her babies in a cesarean section, the gymnast, who often contests for men's championships, waited only eight weeks to return to the competitions.

At first, she admitted that things were complicated and that she had difficulty performing the movements she was accustomed to do. But now she feels ready to compete again: "I definitely get stronger every week and now that I've been back eight weeks, I'm starting to feel more like myself. I have reached the point where I can see myself getting to the point where I was a few months ago, "he said.

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Proof of this is this video in which Julia appears doing a series of exercises in the fixed bar while carrying the twins that amount to a weight of approximately 5.5 kg:

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