Yoga or Pilates To Lose Weight?

Yoga or Pilates To Lose Weight? / Exercises

A good weight loss program provides for an association and adoption of new habits. Have a healthy diet, take care of the body and mind practicing some physical activity and following the guidelines that the health professional indicated, for example.

The practice of physical activity is what is sometimes overlooked, since many people do not like to go to a gym or even exercise outdoors, such as walking. But in order for the goal of weight loss to be successfully achieved, physical activity must somehow be part of the routine. Let's explore in this article whether it is better yoga or pilates to lose weight, since they are activities that have been much sought after.

The daily rhythm of work, the busy life in the big centers, the responsibilities with work, home, studies, children, all this tires and takes a lot of time, so there is always the excuse of lack of time, of being tired. There is always the promise to start next week, next month - the new year then, it is the one who gets the most promises that "this year I will start practicing some exercise". But think you may be doing this exactly because you have not found a way to exercise that suits you. And meanwhile, it may even be following a proper diet, but the body asks for it in addition.

Have you ever thought that exercising does not exactly mean having to go to the gym, go to the machines, do aerobic or have to walk every day? Ever thought there are options for activities that while working your body, relax your mind? That tiredness and lack of courage can be stressful results and that this can be broken?

Think of options like yoga or pilates to lose weight. These are two therapeutic activities that provide great health benefits and help you relax, body and mind. Let's find out which is the best choice!

Is Yoga or Pilates Better to Slim?

Thinking about activities like yoga or pilates to lose weight may at first and if not a patient person, will disappoint you. We can say that Pilates and Yoga are not exactly exercises to lose weight because you do not have vigorous exercises that you need to burn lots of calories.

It does not mean that the exercises do not burn calories, it means that the calories burned in a yoga or pilates session represent a quarter of what you would burn running, for example. If you decide to practice Yoga or Pilates to lose weight, think of it as a medium- and long-term investment, or if you want faster results, one way is to restrict your diet a bit more - but with your doctor's guidance, of course.

Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

We can say that weight loss is one of the benefits that Yoga and Pilates indirectly promote because even if your body does not burn calories directly, these types of physical activity are responsible for improving mood and for lowering stress levels, which causes people who have a compulsion to eat in situations of pressure, anxiety and nervousness, have this compulsion attenuated and even extinct, as time passes.

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In a July 2005 article, Dr. Alan R. Kristal and colleagues published results of a survey, which says that people who practice yoga regularly tend to resist better weight gain.

Still about studies done by researchers, this time from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA, regular yoga practice leads to a better awareness of what we eat, making people understand the signs of satisfaction that the body sends and preventing the compulsion to eat that anxiety and depression cause.

Other benefits of Yoga and Pilates are: 


  • aids in fighting digestive disorders
  • improves the cardiovascular system
  • helps to combat psychosomatic diseases
  • improves self-esteem
  • benefits the nervous system and brain
  • relieves back pain


  • aches, especially on the coast
  • correct posture
  • improves breathing
  • work the muscles
  • improves flexibility
  • improves motor coordination

Do not forget!

Neither Yoga nor Pilates alone can help with weight reduction if you do not have a calorie-reduced diet. There are some types of yoga for weight loss, like Hot Yoga, that burn more calories than normal, but they do not do wonders by themselves.

Pilates can help build muscle, but stay alert to marketing advertisements that promise that the activity alone will help you lose weight significantly.


  • Even if you do not like physical exercise and are thinking of something like Yoga or Pilates, consider the idea of ​​practicing another exercise, perhaps swimming or running.Consider practicing yoga or pilates interspersed with a cardio activity or endurance workout and you will see how the weight loss process will accelerate. Without forgetting the diet!
  • Whatever your choice, consult your doctor about the options and get a professional opinion. When starting the activity, always look for the follow-up of a professional, who will help guide the exercises and giving tips for a better use.

Now is the time to choose the activity that suits you best. If you still lead a sedentary life, it's time to get up and take care of your health. Always remembering that being healthy is the best way to go - and staying healthy is a lifelong exercise.

Have you ever practiced yoga or pilates to lose weight? What result did you notice? Which one do you prefer? Comment below!