Try To Put Me In An Asylum That I Put With Your Face On The Floor

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Supplements: Do not Work Without Diet and Proper Training

Who does not have a friend who thinks they will grow up taking supplements but can not keep on dieting?...

Your Envy Beats My Biceps and Comes Back to You in the Form of Fat

Yes, my friend ... No use coming with a fat eye! This fat comes back inside you.

Feel the Calories Burning

Hahahaha, maybe this is not the best way!

Feel That? It's Bodybuilding

Share if your boyfriend did the same to impress you when you met!

Monday is Always the Worst Day

Share if you agree! The way is to raise your head, gather strength and move on. Good Morning!

Do you want to date a beautiful girl?

If you want to conquer a Beauty, behave like a Beast!

Want to Be Beautiful? Buy a Comb!

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Look like Beauty, Malhe like the Beast

No finesse at the time of training! Let's work hard.