Vitargo: What It Is, Benefits and How to Take

Vitargo: What It Is, Benefits and How to Take / Supplements

Caring for pre-work meals is always one of the main steps to ensure good performance and fitness during the exercises. What several people disregard is the importance of a nutrient-rich meal after practicing these activities. Some exaggerate portions while others avoid eating any food. It is critical that you build your meals with balanced portions of the different nutrients, so your body will recover more efficiently and quickly.

Vitargo is one of the supplements that can aid in the recovery of your body after the effects of intense training. Balanced diet union, regular physical exercise and correct supplementation can offer a differentiated quality of life.

From now on you will know a bit more about this supplement that can enrich your post workout meals and still significantly benefit your hypertrophy.

Which is?

Vitargo is nothing more than a rapidly absorbing carbohydrate, it contains zero sugar. It is differentiated exactly by being processed in an unusual way. This supplement is notable for its molecular size, which is superior to maltodextrin and dextrose. Vitargo is very suitable as it can be used as an "emergency fuel", since its absorption is at least twice as fast as the absorption of other carbohydrates.

It can be manufactured from corn starch or potato starch. The reliability of the efficacy of Vitargo is reported based on the tests performed, which used the proving reactions in humans, not in animals, as with a variety of supplements. The supplement has a patented quality, so if you look for the consumption of the waxy maize starch itself, you will not get the same results. Vitargo can be recognized as a single carbohydrate source.

How it works?

Osmolarity characteristics allow Vitargo to be transported up to twice as fast through the stomach, thus rapidly reaching the intestine. Vitargo delivers up to 168% faster recovery and still guarantees at least 23% increase in performance after two hours of intense training. Vitargo behaves differently from energy drinks and muscle recovery.

It does not offer abdominal discomforts and bumps. As it is rapidly absorbed by the body, it "empties" the stomach faster too, a benefit that induces many athletes to adopt. Several white-mass meals are consumed after training, so that muscle and liver glycogen reestablishment occurs. This supplement can replace pasta and white bread.


  • Vitargo contributes to the secretion of insulin, which can help in the better absorption of any substance consumed. Insulin also stands out as an anti-catabolic hormone, which may reduce the chances of losing lean mass. It is stated that it is possible to occur insulin spikes with the supplementation of Vitargo, causing the best storage of glycogen.
  • The benefits can be noticed in your performance during physical activities. Your performance can evolve further.
  • Studies indicate that consumption of Vitargo can increase the amount of carnitine in muscles.
  • Adding Vitargo to your supplement does not interfere with fat burning.
  • It can cause glycogen to be restored in the muscles and liver after a workout almost twice as fast as maltodextrin and sugars.
  • Often you feel fatigued due to an intense workout and then become unwilling to do the daily tasks. It can aid in physical and mental effort, and provide the energy you need to perform the tasks of your routine.

How to take?

You can fill your bottle or shaker with 200 ml of water and add the powdered supplement. Then shake vigorously for 30 seconds. The water measurement can vary according to your personal taste. It is recommended to consume Vitargo before and after exercise. You can take the supplement 30 minutes before the workout and 10 minutes after. If you perform extensive workouts, you can include Vitargo intake during exercise.

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The use of Vitargo is very common in meal preparation.

Vitargo + Creatine

You should ask yourself whether you can reconcile Vitargo's intake with other supplementation. The answer is yes, especially if they are consumed together. Carbohydrates can also speed up the absorption of other supplements.

Creatine is widely used by people seeking lean mass gain, so consuming both supplements can ensure better muscle recovery and slow catabolic effects after high intensity workouts, which can also reduce fatigue. The supplement may still increase sugar levels in the bloodstream, which results in better insulin secretion.

Side effects

One of the many good points is that consumption of Vitargo has no side effects.


At first, there are no contraindications to the use of Vitargo. It is important that you evaluate your body's goals and behavior so that in case of doubt you seek medical advice to start supplementation or not.

Medical monitoring

It is critical that you review your goals before adopting Vitargo as one of your supplements. Following up on a doctor may be the differential you need to be successful at bodily changes. You should recognize if you want to reduce fat percentage, just gain lean mass and more. That way, you will recognize every benefit gained.

Physical exercises

The consumption of Vitargo is indicated for athletes and sportsmen, so it is fundamental that you practice regular physical exercises, especially those of high intensity, since the supplement will be used to replenish the nutrients lost in the activities. It is important to remember that changes in the body occur because of your effort and adherence to healthy habits, not just supplements; it can be efficient, but not fundamental.


Taking Vitargo is best suited for athletes and athletes who really need extremely fast supplementation since it is a high-cost supplement. If you want rapid carbohydrate supplementation, stay with maltodextrin and dextrose.

You can find bars of vitargo for an average R $ 12.00. Portions of 2 kilos can be purchased for values ​​from R $ 83,00 to R $ 179,00.

Where to buy

You can buy Vitargo at food supplement stores and even some natural products stores that offer products for athletes. It is possible that you find it difficult to find this high-cost supplement in the nearest stores, so you can search for online stores that offer the sale of the product. Do not forget to make an evaluation about the references and reliability of these online stores, so that you feel more secure to make payment and wait for delivery.

Do you know anyone who has been supplemented with Vitargo? What were the results? Do you plan on using it too? Comment below!