Does Vitrix work? Effects on Testosterone, Reports and How to Take

Does Vitrix work? Effects on Testosterone, Reports and How to Take / Supplements

Vitrix is ​​a product of supplement manufacturer Nutrex Research, the same creator of the famous Lipo-6. Vitrix is ​​a supplement whose main goal according to the manufacturer itself is to improve male sexual performance. To do so, it acts as a natural stimulator of the hormone testosterone, which is precisely responsible for male characteristics and for increasing sexual desire. In addition, it depends on the sexual behavior of men. Due to its properties related to testosterone and vasodilatation, it has become very well known also as a supplement to increase muscle mass and athletic performance. It is one of the best selling products in the USA. But does Vitrix really work? This article will answer this and also show you how to take, possible side effects and user reports.

What is Vitrix exactly?

Vitrix's main ingredient, as with most other major testosterone stimulators, is Tribulus Terrestris. But other ingredients also contribute to this stimulation, in addition to promoting vasodilation, as we will see below. Nutrix Vitrix is ​​not an anabolic steroid and not a hormone itself. His goal is the maximization of testosterone within the limits of the body itself. The product also does not need to be used in cycles, although its use must be appropriate, as indicated by the manufacturer.

How Vitrix Works

To start talking about the formula it is worth mentioning that it has already undergone some variations. It is because of this that many sites still have an outdated composition, where for example there is no Arginine and other ingredients. And before that the serving was 6 capsules, whereas now they are only 2 concentrated capsules of fast absorption. Let's look at how each Vitrix ingredient works to help the product achieve good results:

- Tribulus Terrestris:

One of the main ingredients found in Vitrix's composition is the Tribulus Terretris, a substance acquired through a plant called Puncture Vine. She is known to contribute to male virility. It is also believed that the element improves libido as well as sexual well-being.

Research has already shown that Tribulus Terrestris actually improves the quality of erections and promotes sexual well-being. However, there is no evidence that the component improves performance in physical activities. Tribulus Terrestris is widely used by people who want to increase muscle mass because they believe that if the product improves testosterone levels in the body, it is therefore good for building muscle mass and improving performance.

You can see many reports from users stating how the product contributed to muscle gain. But as we have said, science has not yet proven this. For more details on how tribulus works you can refer to the article that shows what Tribulus Terrestris is for in details and how to take it.

- Fenugreek:

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The fenugreek extract present in the formula has already been shown in research to raise free and naturally bio-available testosterone levels. Based on current scientific evidence it is believed that fenugreek can slow down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thereby increasing the body's testosterone levels through natural plant saponins.

- L-Arginine and Iombine:

According to Nutrex Research,L-Arginine and Iombine have the effect of vasodilation, that is, they promote the dilatation of the blood vessels. It is worth explaining that yohimbine is the active ingredient of yohimbe. With this, what occurs is an increase in blood flow and oxygen, which aid in improving performance and sexual stamina. This effect is also appreciated by malachadores because more nutrients are carried to the muscles, which generates more muscular gains, besides increase of the volume of the muscle. For more details on this effect see the article on nitric oxide and vasodilation.

- Bioperine:

Bioperine is an extract derived from a black pepper. Research suggests that the ingredient increases the absorption of nutrients.

- Zinc:

Mineral zinc is present among the ingredients. Research has shown that zinc may increase testosterone levels, especially in individuals with zinc deficiency. And this deficiency is usually common.

Vitrix Nutrition Table - Ingredient Composition 

In a portion of vitrix, which is equivalent to 2 capsules, we find:

- Zinc - 10 mg

- Vitrix Sexual Performance (Blend) - 858 mg

  • L- Arginine
  • Extract of Tribulus Terrestris (root) (50% Sapominas and 20% Protodioscin)
  • Fenogrego Extract (seed) (50% Sapominas and 20% Protodioscin)
  • Bioperine (Piper nigrum Extract) (fruit)
  • Yohimbine Hcl (Yohimbe Bark Yohimbine)

Check out the image below for the nutritional information of Vitrix on its label:

Image: Nutrex Research

Vitrix and testosterone levels in the body

The extract of Tribulus Terrestris found in the composition of the supplement brings the saponins with it. These substances stimulate the production of the so-called luteinizing hormone, also known by the acronym LH, in the gland that is located below the brain, the pituitary gland.

In turn, the luteinizing hormone provides a stimulus to Leydig cells, which are found in the testicles and are responsible for the production of testosterone.

The manufacturer Nutrex claims that Vitrix works by stimulating production naturally, within the safe limits set by the body of each individual.

Benefits of Vitrix

According to Nutrex Research, the benefits brought by the product, in addition to improving the sexual performance of men, is increased libido - sexual desire - and stamina - vigor. The manufacturer further promises that Vitrix promotes the maintenance of natural levels of testosterone in the body and that the capsules of the product offer better absorption than the tablets.

Apart from sexual performance, it is believed that the supplement can also contribute to the increase in muscle mass and the strength and endurance of the athlete.

Reports and ratings - does Vitrix work even second users?

Interested in the supplement? Well, know that before making the decision to hit the hammer and decide whether or not to take the product home is important to know what the reports of consumers who have already used it, to try to find out if Vitrix really works.

And to help you with that, we went after the testimonials of supplement users on the internet, on the big e-commerce sites and discussion forums.

One of the users claimed to be 46 years old and have used the product for about six years. He also said he never felt any side effects with the substance, which continues to use it due to the fact that Vitrix works for him and recommends it to his friends.

Another Internet user wrote that he had used products that affected his sexual desire until he began using the supplement in question. He said he has used it for more than five years, that it has put him back to normal libido and that the only side effect felt was in relation to the persistence of erections.

On the Body Building page, the largest retailer of US supplements, the rating attributed by Internet users to Vitrix is ​​8.5 - on a scale ranging from zero to 10 - which rates it as good. In the comments section, while some consumers claimed to have felt improvements with using the product, others said they had little or no effect on it. A similar note has been noticed on other major websites as well. The product is certainly not unanimous. For some the Vitrix works well, for others it is felt more in the sexual issue and others claim that it did not make much difference the use.

In the Brazilian forums, the general comment is that although it is not so good for gaining muscle mass, considering the cost-benefit relationship, it may be interesting for Post-Cycle Therapy (TPC) with anabolic steroids. avoid diminishing libido and collaborate on strength, stamina, mood and mood. It is worth remembering that the product has a high price in Brazil and may not be ideal for many people.

How long will it take for me to notice results?

The effects of Vitrix works quickly. Most of the reports from users who have had results with the product said that this happened with little time of the use of the product. In two weeks of use has already been felt effects on sexual performance and gains in strength and muscle mass.

Is it worth buying or not?

These reports give us an idea of ​​the results that the product can bring. The bottom line is that if the consumer is seeking a product primarily for its benefits related to improving the sex life, he is likely to be satisfied. Although he is not focused on gaining muscle mass in the manufacturer's vision, in many cases he has contributed to improvement related to muscle mass gain and performance in weight training. Many reports show that for many people there was gain in strength and lean muscle mass with the use of the product.

There is no way to ensure that Vitrix will be good for everyone. But in general it is possible to state that in terms of a testosterone stimulator, Vitrix is ​​apparently effective in stimulating muscles and endurance, as well as stimulating libido.

It is worth remembering that the ideal for the man who has sexual problems, due to the use of sports supplements or not, is to talk with the doctor of confidence to know if there really is a need to use the product and if he is the most appropriate for the case his.

How to take Vitrix

The recommendation is for a maximum of four Vitrix capsules to be consumed daily: two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Although the product can be taken on an empty stomach for faster absorption, it is important to be aware of its reactions. More sensitive stomachs may need some food to cope better with the supplement.

Vitrix side effects

Among the possible side effects caused by the supplement are nausea, stomach upset, tenderness and tenderness in the nipples, small breast enlargement, migraine, anxiety, nervousness and the persistence of erections. Although the manufacturer claims that the product is safe and does not have side effects when used properly, some people who are more sensitive to the components of the formula may feel some discomfort. The most common complaints are related to stomach pain and nausea.

The ideal when taking the product is that you do not change other eating habits and your routine. That way, it will be clearer if you are feeling some side effect of the product or it is due to another unrelated factor.

Vitrix and women

Although it is a product focused on improving the sexual performance of men, some women may have the idea of ​​using Vitrix to increase their testosterone levels and gain muscle, given that this is one of the functions of the hormone.

However, it is important to know that there are risks attributed to excess testosterone in women. Some of them are fluid retention, acne development, aggressiveness, clitoris growth, increased body hairs, thickening of the voice, the risk of developing thrombosis (inadequate clot formation), hepatitis, cysts and tumors malignancies in the liver and the decrease of good cholesterol (HDL) and the increase of bad cholesterol (LDL).

The woman who wants to build more muscles should try to do it in a healthy way, with the advice of a doctor and nutritionist regarding the supplements indicated for her and the assistance of a good physical education professional in her training.


Under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised not to use the supplement. For those who suffer from some kind of illness or health condition and are using one or more medicines, the recommendation is to talk to the reliable doctor before starting to consume the product.

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Has anyone ever recommended the product to you stating that Vitrix supplementation really works? Would you take it knowing the possible side effects? Comment below!