Whey Is Carbohydrate Worth It?

Whey Is Carbohydrate Worth It? / Supplements

As its name already indicates, whey 0 carbohydrate is a whey protein supplement without carbohydrates.

Although it can not be said that the product does not have any amount of carbohydrates, it is possible to find versions of whey in its isolated or hydrolyzed form that contain only traces of carbohydrates, that is, in that the amount of nutrient found in the supplement is almost null .

In many versions of whey isolate and casein protein it is possible to find up to 3 g of carbohydrates per serving. So if you do not want carbohydrates in any way in the product, it's good to stay tuned to the nutritional panel.

To reach a whey 0 carbohydrate, the product passes for extra filtration which ensures a higher concentration of proteins and a faster assimilation by the body. This ends up making the product much more expensive than a common whey protein concentrate. But does it make sense to buy this premium product? Is it worth its cost benefit?

Is whey 0 carbohydrate worth it?

To talk about whey 0 carbohydrate, let's assume we are referring to isolated whey, which as we just mentioned carries very small amounts of carbohydrates.

This type of whey protein undergoes a deeper filtration process than the concentrated version of whey protein, which provides a decrease in lactose, carbohydrate and fat content and results in a product with a composition of 90% protein. This means that in a 100 g portion of the isolated version of whey protein are found 90 g of protein.

A whey protein hydrolyzate is an isolated whey protein that has undergone additional filtration processes.

One of the cases where whey with the lowest content of carbohydrates, lactose and fats worth is is for people suffering from lactose intolerance. The explanation is that while concentrated whey has a certain amount, however small the milk sugar, whey insulated carries almost nothing of the substance.

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Thus, sufferers with the condition may suffer from adverse reactions such as bloating and gas when experiencing whey concentrate. Therefore, for these people, the isolated model of whey protein is the most indicated.

On the other hand, whey concentrate is most appropriate for individuals who aim to maintain a healthy body weight and are using protein shakes during mealtimes to control appetite.

The rationale is that whey concentrate is digested in a slightly slower way than isolated whey, which makes the body feel sated for longer.

For those who are dedicated to weight training and want to maximize their muscle recovery, the use of whey alone with few carbohydrates may be ideal due to the fact that the supplement is absorbed more quickly.

Hydrolyzed whey - and particularly it - brings this same effect to the body. With this, the protein is available to be decomposed and used by the body with greater ease.

Another important point to consider is that whey protein alone is marketed at a more expensive price than the concentrate and that it may lose a number of health-enhancing substances found in whey concentrate, although it does present a more significant amount of protein.

For those who do not have lactose intolerance and want a common whey to help improve their health and do not want to or can not spend as much, whey concentrate is recommended with a content of at least 80% protein.

On the other hand, for individuals who want a pure whey, which can be absorbed quickly, is light to the stomach and does not mind having to spend more money, it is advisable to have an isolated or hydrolyzed whey.

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Caring for Your Whey Supplement 0 Carbohydrate

To know if the product is really right for you and worth it for your case, it is crucial that you define what your goals are. After that, it's worth having the help of a nutritionist and a personal trainer for help in choosing which whey protein zero carbo supplement is best for you in relation to both your goals and your health.

The help of the professionals is also fundamental for the determination of an appropriate diet and a schedule of training appropriate to the objectives that are desired. Even because exclusive use of the supplement, without worrying about food or training is not able to cause the growth and / or definition muscle and loss of fats in the body.

Have you tried supplementing with some kind of whey 0 carbohydrate? Which one? How were your results? Comment below!