Winstrol Weight Loss? How it works?

Winstrol Weight Loss? How it works? / Supplements

Many people, concerned about good form, are looking for alternative methods to achieve their goals. Allied or not to the gym and diet, supplements and anabolics are often a side effect of this battle for the ideal body.

While knowing that many anabolic steroids can be dangerous and harmful to health, especially because they are misused, the Winstrol drug is one of the most sought after in the market. Owner of several compliments, as a compound that "dries the fat" and "defines the muscles", its demand is very high, even without a prescription.

But, after all, does Winstrol lose weight? What is behind this "fantastic" drug that models and dries up the body in a few weeks? What is its real effect on the human body? Let us better understand what Winstrol is and what it does.


Stanozolol, commonly sold under the name Winstrol, is a drug that can be taken orally, or intramuscularly (called Winstrol Depot). It was developed in 1962 by the Winthrop laboratories, but nowadays several laboratories around the world produce this substance. However, the main producers are Spain and the United States, where it was authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the use of Winstrol by humans. Its use is also authorized in animals.

Winstrol can be found in the form of tablets, for oral intake, or in ampoules, to be applied directly onto the muscle. It is an anabolic derivative of DHT, a hormone that in turn is derived from Testosterone, which has as one of its functions the division and growth of muscle cells, in addition to increasing resistance and strength (so some masculinizing side effects may appear in the women, as we shall see further on).

How it works?

Because it is an anabolic steroid, Winstrol's main function is to provide increased body mass, be it muscle, bone, or fat. Stanozolol increases the production of collagen, which causes this definition as the muscles and skin become stiffer.

Its main function is to increase muscle mass, especially for people with fragile disease who need this greater resistance, such as anorexia.

The body's proteins become better used by the body, which can lead to an increase in appetite and body weight, since the lean body is built.

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Does not retain liquids

Many people who have used it faithfully believe that Winstrol slims. The truth is that this substance does not retain fluids in the body, unlike so many other anabolics, giving the appearance that there was loss of body fat and that in fact Winstrol slimming.

However, it is important to clarify that Stanozolol does not burn fat, but it can lead to weight loss due to the lower volume of water present in the body. In this feeling, allied to a diet, Winstrol can lead to weight loss by not retaining fluid in the body, and is still able to stiffen and define muscles. 

The problem of testosterone

Winstrol proved to be a complete component for those who crave the good shape. As we have seen, along with a good diet, Winstrol slims and still increases body mass. However, this anabolic is derived from DHT, which in turn derives from Testosterone, a predominantly male hormone.

Women who take Winstrol may suffer some side effects from this hormone, such as having a thickened voice, body aches, irregular menstrual cycle, aggression, and other changes in the body. It is important to consult a doctor about the dosage and the period of time that Winstrol should be taken so as not to suffer from this and other side effects. 

Essential Care

Like all medicines, some care should be taken with the use of this substance. The first message goes to the users of injectable Winstrol, always seeking to massage the site of the application to activate blood flow and not to leave bruises, nodules and other pain after the application. It is important for both oral and intermuscular use to follow the medical and label guidelines with rigor and dedication, as improper use of Winstrol can lead to serious cases of side effects. Respecting dosage and intervals is essential, in addition to having respite periods to detoxify the body and not overload the liver, the main hit with medications like that.

For those who bet on the fact that Winstrol slimming down, it is important to dedicate yourself to the aforementioned care and also include a balanced and healthy diet. As we have seen, it does not burn fat, it only lowers the water volume of the body.A hypocaloric but nutritious diet, allied to this medicine, can really make true the idea that Winstrol is losing weight.

If the medication is not given correctly, abnormalities in the liver, appearance of acne, high blood pressure, aggression, altered libido, hair loss, testicular atrophy, behavioral disorders, among other side effects can occur. These effects occur in men mainly because, as has been said, Winstrol has a derivative of Testosterone (which is not Testosterone itself) and the male body ends up "understanding" that it does not need to manufacture this hormone in the body. 


Winstrol can be found in versions of 2 mg and 10 mg, or injections of 50 mg / ml. A major problem for those looking for Stanozolol on the market is the difficulty of differentiating the authentic product from the counterfeit, often injuring health by that failure. However, a trick to be sure is to see if there are microscopic crystals in the bottom of the ampoule and whether the water in the mixture is suspended because of its lower density. The authentic product has these characteristics and has a white, milk-like color.

The half-life of Stanozolol is 8 hours, very short. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it daily, for the recommended time.

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Have you taken Winstrol? What did you feel? Do you also have the impression that Winstrol is losing weight? Comment below!