Xanthine What It Is, How It Works, Cream and Tips

Xanthine What It Is, How It Works, Cream and Tips / Supplements

Those who like to learn about new trends in weight loss may have heard of xanthine. This substance, although very present in our daily lives, is still little known, especially when we speak of cosmetic creams based on xanthine.

Xanthine is a substance that promises to eliminate localized fat, and can even double the amount of fat that is burned through the localized massage made with creams that have this substance in its composition.

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However, few people know that xanthine is present in our diet almost every day, when we consume caffeinated beverages such as coffee, teas, energy drinks, soft drinks and even chocolate. In addition to caffeine, there are other types of stimulant xanthines, such as theobromine and theophylline.

When we talk about xanthine creams in their composition, we immediately think about weight loss and measures. This is because this substance has been linked to an effective decrease in localized fat. But is it true that xanthine really loses weight?

There are national and imported brands that offer cosmetic products with xanthine in its composition and so we will talk a bit more about what this substance is, how it works and find out if xanthine really slims.

What is xanthine?

Xanthine is an organic compound produced by all cells in the human body and also by some plants and animals. It is very abundant, but few people know what it is.

In general, xanthines are brain-stimulating and psychomotor substances. The most common types of xanthine are caffeines, found in coffees and in smaller amounts in teas, theophyllines, also present in teas, and theobromines, found in cocoa and hence in chocolate.

Scholars have discovered the ability to stimulate fat burning when some types of xanthine are applied directly to the skin. That's how xanthine-based creams have emerged that promise to slow down measures by burning large amounts of localized fat.

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How it works?

The cream-like xanthine promises to accelerate the burning of fat, even reducing cellulite. This is possible because of its chemical composition, which can stimulate the breakdown of fat cells by the process called lipolysis.

Each cream will use one type of xanthine, since there are several. The most common, however, are aminophylline and theophylline. These two substances are able to stimulate fat burning effectively but other types of xanthine can also produce this effect.

These compounds, aminophylline and theophylline, are so powerful that they also separate cells from accumulated fat, facilitating the lipolysis process.

Some studies have been conducted to confirm the efficacy of xanthine in cosmetic creams that promise to reduce measures. In a recent survey, 134 women used a xanthine cream on their legs and hips over a month.

The researchers noted that about 80% of women who completed xanthine cream treatment achieved a significant reduction in thigh measurements, while about 70% saw good hips reduction results.

It is worth noting that a portion of physicians do not believe that the results are relevant to the actual fat burning question.

Food sources of xanthine

In addition to being found in cosmetic creams, xanthine is consumed through diet very often, especially for those who do not dispense coffee. That's because caffeine is a form of xanthine.

In addition to coffee, another natural way to consume xanthine is through teas. White, green and black teas have lower amounts of caffeine than coffee, but they are also sources of xanthine.

Intake of xanthine by the oral route can be beneficial for weight loss, since it works by accelerating the metabolism and positively influencing the burning of fat.

Chocolates may like to know that chocolate is also a source of xanthine, since cocoa has in its composition a substance called theobromine, another type of xanthine. Of course the amount of xanthine in chocolate will depend on the amount of cocoa, and the bitter chocolates have a higher content in their composition.

But after all, does xanthine lose weight?

If xanthine is consumed through food, such as in coffees or teas, it may have a thermogenic effect, since it is caffeine. There are some dietary supplements that contain xanthine in its composition and promise to help in weight loss.

The xanthine in cream will work in a different way. Xanthine in the form of a cosmetic cream contains two important active ingredients, aminophylline and theophylline.These substances have the power to stimulate a type of fat cell receptor, accelerating the breakdown of these cells, ie improving the localized fat burning.

Currently, there is a wide variety of domestic and imported products that use xanthine to help with fat loss and measures. It is important that the use is continuous so that the results are felt.

Experts say that by using xanthine creams to lose weight, one way to boost results is by exfoliating before applying the product, allowing it to penetrate the skin more easily.

Another important point is that the use of xanthine creams should be used regularly, as the results will begin to appear after the first four weeks.


To further improve the results of applying xanthine creams, an interesting tip is to make use of the creams and also consume teas that have xanthine in their composition, such as green tea or black tea. This, according to experts, may potentiate the effects of the cream.

Another tip is to exfoliate the skin often, as this will remove dead cells that may make it difficult for the cream and its active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Do you know anyone who uses and claims that some cream containing xanthine slims? Do you want to try this product? Comment below!