Does Xenical Really Slim? How it works?

Does Xenical Really Slim? How it works? / Supplements

The use of medicines to lose weight is not restricted to a small public, quite the opposite. Obesity and adversity from day to day induce people to seek simpler alternatives to achieve the desired body. There are not many drugs offered to reduce the measures. Xenical slims, but like several weight-reduction pills, its sale is under evaluation and requires not only the attention of sellers, but also consumers.

How Xenical Works

The active substance in Xenical is orlistat, which is a specific anti-obesity agent. It acts directly on the gastrointestinal functioning and inhibits the absorption action of the lipase enzymes, thus, one can reduce up to 30% of the absorption of fats by the intestinal walls. The elimination of these unnecessary fats to the functioning of the organism is done by the feces.

The performance of Xenical is differentiated from the other medicines for weight loss, since the others act on the neurotransmitter systems, while Xenical slimming acts directly in the digestive system.

Indication of use of Xenical works and should be recommended by physicians and should contain adequate orlistat dosage for each particular case, with different goals.

Medical indication

Adoption of Xenical works, but should be started by referral from a trusted endocrinologist or physician. It is important that he evaluate the functioning of his body and his metabolism, so that he recognizes the needs to achieve the good functioning of the body.

He will prescribe the dosage indicated for the case and you can buy the medicine in any pharmacy, noting that the purchase can not be made without proof of the order with the prescription. Medical follow-up is also recommended during the process of using Xenical, and any clarification on the drug's reactions is indicated.

How many pounds can I eliminate?

Weight loss is not just limited to the use of the medicine. The use of Xenical slims, but it is important that the person seeks new habits to accelerate the process of weight loss, and to make it healthier. Researchers say that people who maintain continued use of the drug can reduce on average 10% of body weight in the first 6 months.

How to consume

The ingestion of one 120 mg capsule is indicated before the 3 main meals. There are no timetable requirements or references with meals, you can take before, during or after. The times are only indicative for consumption.

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You can choose to take Xenical only in fat meals, that is, if you eat fat-free meals, you can delay the consumption of the capsule for the next meal.

Benefits of Xenical

Xenical is thin and helps control LDL. It not only offers these benefits, but one can acquire better quality of life and well being with weight reduction. The likelihood of acquiring diseases characteristic of overweight is also reduced. The drug can also be used without concern for addiction induction. It does not affect the brain and poses no serious health risks, and does not pose a risk to heart and lung disease.

Side effects

The drug acts directly on the digestive system, which can cause discomfort and embarrassing situations. As toxins and impurities are eliminated in the feces, the odor may be somewhat unpleasant and cases of fecal incontinence may occur, in addition to providing soft stool consistency. The elimination of fats also has a negative effect on the elimination of gases, which can result in abdominal pains and flatulence. Headaches can become frequent, as well as lowering blood sugar levels in cases of type 2 diabetes.

Xenical slims but it makes it difficult to absorb certain vitamins, such as A, D, E and K, which are soluble in fats, that is, they are eliminated, resulting in the imbalance and deficiency of these nutrients.


The contraindications of Xenical are lower when compared to other drugs with the same objective. Use should be avoided to maintain the well-being of pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, children, infants and those with impaired nutrient absorption in the gallbladder, kidneys.

Losing weight in a healthy way

The safest way to lose weight is still through healthy eating associated with physical exercise. Xenical really does lose weight, but ensuring the permanence of the measures will be gained by adopting new healthy habits.It is inevitable, at some point you will have to reconcile physical activities with your daily routine. Physical exhaustion will not only positively influence fat burning but will reduce stress and effects caused by hormonal changes in female cases.


Xenical prices range from $ 109.00 to $ 154.00 for boxes with 42 capsules. Already the version with 84 capsules can be found with the price of R $ 120,00 to R $ 265,00. You can also find boxes with 120 capsules. These values ​​are just references, users can do searches in drugstores to get prices more affordable and compatible with their financial availability.

Do you know anyone who has ever used Xenical to lose weight? Has this person had results? Do you know any stories of unpleasant consequences for that? Comment below!