Xigduo Emagrece? For What It Is, Dosage and Side Effects

Xigduo Emagrece? For What It Is, Dosage and Side Effects / Supplements

Managing blood sugar levels is the main goal of people with diabetes because their bodies may not produce insulin, do it inefficiently, or have resistance to insulin.

Medications are often prescribed to help in most cases. Generally, people with type 1 diabetes rely on insulin alone, while type 2 patients have a much wider variety of medicines available, including Xigduo.

The point is that some medications contribute to weight gain, which is a worrying problem for people with diabetes. Does Xigduo lose weight or lose weight? That is exactly what we are going to understand, besides knowing what it is for, dosage and side effects.

Xigduo and diabetes

Xigduo is a medicine recommended for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, which is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is considered a chronic disease that affects how the body metabolizes blood sugar, which is the most important source of fuel in the body.

Usually the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin, or it may not produce enough to maintain a normal glucose level. This is shocking because insulin is the hormone responsible for helping in the process of converting glucose into energy.

This disease is more common in adults, mainly caused by obesity. However, more and more children are already receiving this diagnosis, as childhood obesity has taken on alarming and worrying proportions, increasing the risk of developing many diseases that most of the time would not arise in this phase of life.

There is no cure for type 2 diabetes, but the condition can be well managed through caring for food, exercise and weight control. But when this approach does not deliver the expected results, some medicine may be prescribed to help, and Xigduo is one of them.

Xigduo - What's the use?

We have already seen that Xigduo is for treating type 2 diabetes, but how it does it exactly is what we will understand now.

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It consists of two substances, which are dapagliflozin and metformin. Metformin is an antidiabetic medicine known as biguanide. Its main goal is to decrease the amount of sugar in the blood, which is usually increased because insulin could not do its job.

First, metformin reduces the amount of sugar produced by the cells in the liver; in turn, increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin, decreasing resistance and allowing these cells to remove sugar from the blood more effectively. Lastly, it helps to decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestines into the bloodstream after meals, which contributes to a much lower increase in blood sugar levels.

Dapagliflozin has its action in the kidneys, allowing the body to eliminate excess glucose from the blood. The kidneys are responsible for filtering and cleaning the blood, and in this process the glucose is also filtered. It is then released back into the bloodstream by a mechanism called sodium and glucose cotransporter 2. After that, the kidneys reabsorb the glucose back, even when levels are very high, such as in diabetes. Dapagliflozin ingested has the ability to inhibit the transporter, which allows excess glucose to be filtered and eliminated by urine. The result is lower blood sugar levels.


Xigduo XR is a long-acting medicine. Its effects usually last for up to 24 hours. The available dosages are varied - usually we find 5mg / 1000mg, 10mg / 500mg and 10mg / 1000mg, and the doctor will be responsible for defining which one is right for you.

The administration of the medication is done as follows:

  • Xigduo XR should be ingested orally once daily. It should be taken along with one of the meals, to lessen the chances of stomach cramps. The best time will be set with your doctor, right after the prescription of the medicine.
  • The tablets should be consumed whole, in no way crushing, cutting or chewing.
  • If you forget to take a dose, you should take it as soon as you remember, unless it is almost time for the next dose. In this case, skip the missed dose and take only the prescribed dose.
  • Under no circumstances should you take two tablets unless your doctor makes this recommendation.

Xigduo is a prescription-only drug and is easily found in physical and virtual stores of pharmacies and drugstores across the country.

Prices usually vary depending on the dosage, concentration and amount of tablets available, but the average price for Xigduo XR 10mg + 500mg, box with 14 coated tablets is R $ 67.55 and R $ 86.40. Xigduo XR 10mg + 1000mg, box with 30 coated tablets costs between R $ 127.51 and R $ 175.90 reais, and finally, Xigduo XR 5mg + 1000mg, box with 60 coated tablets costs between R $ 127,48 and R $ 162.98 reais.

Side effects

The package leaflet lists the possible side effects of Xigduo. The doctor should be able to determine if the benefits that the medicine brings are greater than the effects it can cause, so be sure to talk to him about it.

The serious side effects that may happen because of the administration of Xigduo XR are:

  • Ketoacidosis: This is a concern because if it is severe it may require hospitalization and in more severe cases it can lead to death. Commonly experienced symptoms are nausea, tiredness, vomiting, difficulty breathing and abdominal pain. If possible, check for ketones in the urine or blood, even if blood levels are controlled, and if you notice any symptoms of cetosity, stop taking and talk to your doctor immediately.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration causes loss of body water and salt and this can lead to dizziness, weakness, dizziness and fainting. The risks increase if the person has low blood pressure, taking medications for hypertension, is 65 years of age or older, has kidney problems and a diet low in salt intake.
  • Kidney problems: If you experience episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, excessive exposure to heat, loss of appetite, talk to your doctor. Xigduo can cause sudden kidney damage and these are the main symptoms.
  • Severe urinary tract infections (UTIs): One of the components of this drug is dapagliflozin and some people who have taken have had serious urinary tract infections, causing even hospitalization. If you feel that you have a burning sensation when you urinate, you will often feel uncontrollable, pain in the lower abdomen, blood in your urine with or without fever, back pain, nausea or vomiting, talk to your doctor immediately.
  • Vaginal fungal infections: Women are prone to develop this type of infection while taking Xigduo. White or yellowing discharge, different vaginal odor or itching are some symptoms and should be shared with the doctor.
  • Balanite: This condition is caused by a yeast infection, also known as candidiasis. If you experience redness, itching or swelling in the penis, rash, bad smell or pain in the skin around the penis you may be with balanitis.
  • Increased LDL Cholesterol: LDL is considered to be bad cholesterol. This medicine may cause your blood pressure to rise, so it should be checked frequently while taking this medicine.
  • Hypoglycemia: Low blood sugar levels may occur. Symptoms include tremors, sweating, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, hunger, headache and irritability. This condition can happen especially if other medicines, such as sulfonylureas or insulin, are administered with it. Hypoglycemia episodes should be managed as directed by the physician.
  • Bladder cancer: Presence of blood, urine with a reddish hue or pain while urinating may indicate a more serious problem, such as cancer. Studies have pointed out that bladder cancer has developed more in people who were taking dapagliflozin than those who took other diabetes medications. Although cases are rare, they may be associated with this substance.


This medicine is not indicated in some cases, for example:

  • Type 1 diabetes;
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis;
  • Carriers of impaired renal disease or insufficiency;
  • Liver problems;
  • Serious infections or blood poisoning;
  • People with reduced blood flow to vital internal organs.
  • Carriers of respiratory insufficiency.
  • Acute heart failure or recent heart attack.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Allergic to any ingredient in the medicine.
  • People who have low fluid levels or salt levels in the body.
  • Age equal or superior to 75 years of age, or under 18 years.
  • People taking pioglitazone for diabetes and diuretics like furosemide, for example.
  • Xigduo is not recommended for people over 75 years of age, or for children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Xigduo can be used with caution by:

  • Seniors.
  • Those who take drugs for high blood pressure and who have a history of low blood pressure.
  • Carriers of heart disease.
  • People with large amounts of red blood cells.
  • Have a history of frequent urinary tract infections.
  • People with a history of frequent genital infections, such as those caused by candidiasis.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • The safety of dapagliflozin during pregnancy has not been established and for this reason Xigduo should not be used during pregnancy. If you are planning to become pregnant while taking this medicine, talk to your doctor right away.
  • Xigduo should not be used by women who breastfeed, as there are no studies that looked at whether it passes into breast milk.

Can I take other medicines with Xigduo?

Yes, it can be taken with other medicines, but not anyone. It is therefore essential to inform your doctor or pharmacist before starting treatment with Xigduo on the medicines you use, and this should include all those exempt from prescription, herbal supplements, vitamins and others.

Also, be sure to take the same care before using new medicines while taking Xigduo so you can make sure that the combination will not create any risks or interactions with your medication. 

In addition to the side effects, what should I know before taking Xigduo?

  • Taking Xigduo does not exempt the patient from correctly performing the diabetic diet and exercise, as it is part of the treatment to help control sugar levels, but in no way should be the only intervention.
  • Cases of hypoglycaemia in patients using this medicine associated with sulfonylurea and insulin are common. If this is the case, talk to your doctor and see if this is really the best approach for your treatment.
  • Alcohol and Xigduo do not match. Avoid drinking alcohol when you are taking it, as it may increase the risk of hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis.
  • Sugar levels will need to be constantly monitored while taking this medicine. In addition, your urine will often have glucose, as this is one of the effects of dapagliflozin.
  • Your kidney function should be monitored regularly, usually once or twice a year.
  • If you take Xigduo and need to do exams that involve the use of iodinated contrast, talk to your doctor as he may temporarily discontinue use and resume taking after kidney function has been considered normal.

Does Xigduo lose weight?

It is undeniable that weight is a concern for people with diabetes, and some medications may contribute to increasing the numbers on the scale. However, Xigduo is not one of them.

In fact, your intake may even cause weight loss, that is, Xigduo slims overall. Dapagliflozin and metformin belong to the class of inhibitors known as SGLT2 (sodium / glucose cotransporter 2). These act on glucose levels, weight, blood pressure and lipid levels.

Xigduo slims because excess glucose is eliminated through the urine, and approximately four calories are eliminated for each gram of excreted glucose. While this is an interesting advantage, treatment should always be associated with a balanced diet and physical activities.

Final words

Diabetes is a serious disease and one that should be monitored carefully, as any carelessness can have shocking health consequences. The cure has not yet been discovered, but fortunately there are many resources and medicines capable of managing the disease and keeping it under control.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, talk to your doctor and make sure Xigduo is an effective, advantageous medication for your treatment and whether your use will be able to contribute positively to your health. If weight change is a problem for you, check with him or her to see if your use of Xigduo will lose weight, and tell you if you notice this side effect after you start using it.

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Have you ever heard that Xigduo medicine is getting thin? Do you have type 2 diabetes and have you had this medicine prescribed by your doctor? Comment below!