Is Xpel MHP Good? How It Works, Reports, Side Effects, and How To Take

Is Xpel MHP Good? How It Works, Reports, Side Effects, and How To Take / Supplements

Produced by Maximum Humam Performance (MHP), Xpel MHP is a supplement that promises to work for muscle definition by reducing fluid retention in the body and intensifying the fat burning process.

Let's now check if Xpel MHP is good at what it promises, based on reports from users, and understand how the supplement works in our body and its probable side effects.

Nutritional information

Serving size: 7.3g (1 sachet)
per serving
% DV (*)
Energetic value10Kcal
Vitamin B650mg2500%
XPel Herbal Blend1200mg-
*% Daily Values ​​are based on a 2000 Kcal or 8400 kj diet. Your daily values ​​may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.
Ingredients: Guaraná (Paullinia cupana L., seeds), green tea (Camellia sinensis, leaves), maltodextrin, natural cherry aroma, red beet dye and acidulant: citric acid. Gluten-free.
Suggested Use: Dilute 1 sachet (7.3g) in 400ml of boiling water. XPel should be consumed preferably cold.
Recommendation: Keep container tightly closed and dry.

How it works?

According to information from the manufacturer MHP itself, Xpel is made from extracts of plants with diuretic properties, that is, increase the volume of the elimination of liquid retained in the body through the urine.

It is women who suffer most from fluid retention due to the fact that estrogen, the female hormone, makes the body more prone to fluid retention. This makes the supplement suitable for women, although men may also use it.

In addition, according to the company, the supplement inhibits the antidiuretic hormone, another point that favors the removal of excess fluid present in the body. According to MHP, the supplement is also made up of electrolytes, which help prevent dehydration followed by cramps and decreased sports performance.

The company also claims that Xpel has guarana and green tea, which not only contribute to diuretic action, but can also help reduce excess body fat.

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To achieve the desired effect, you must follow a diet with controlled sodium intake, increase your daily water intake and have a reduced percentage of fat in the body. Home the fat rate is not low, the swelling may even decrease, however, it will not be possible to have the muscle definition.

Is Xpel MHP good? 

To understand if Xpel MHP is good, we can not simply believe what the company that manufactures promises. Another important point is to find out what the reports of users and analyzes disclosed on the internet claim.

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Let's start with the impression registered by consumers at the Body Building sales site. Over there, the supplement received grade 8.5 - on a scale ranging from zero to 10 - and was rated as a good product.

On the page, a user commented that she used Xpel to remove water from the body before a photo shoot and that the product resulted in great differences. Another excited internet user said that the product is the best diuretic ever created, while one user was happy and said that the supplement works well for the removal of fluid from the body before presentations.

However, not all consumers on the site were satisfied with Xpel. One of them, with 12.5% ​​body fat, said the supplement did not help him at all. In the same direction, another dissatisfied web surfer said that the product made him use the bathroom a lot, but he did not notice any difference in his body, which has a 20% fat rate.

At the Supplement Reviews site, which collects user reviews of supplements, we find a report that said that Xpel helps to gain a dry look, does not cause swelling, brings muscle definition, but can cause dehydration if the person is not careful.

It is important to know that the issue of dehydration has been cited several times as a point against the product in reviews published in Supplement Reviews.

On the same page, another surfer also demonstrated satisfaction with the product and attributed to it effects such as the definition of the abdomen and the leaping of the veins in the body.

Another professional evaluator of supplements gave 9th note to the product.A stated that it is the best diuretic supplement on the market, however, warned that consuming it without proper diet will not do anything.

On the other hand, in a discussion forum, a web surfer who used Xpel MHP for 20 days stated that the product is not worth it. According to the woman, she has a habit of drinking plenty of water, consuming little sodium and experiencing only an increase in the desire to go to the bathroom. The girl even said she even lost a little liquid, but believes that was not significant and that people who already do the basics and have a good diet do not need the supplement.

In the same forum, another user said that he started using Xpel at the request of his nutrologist, but he did not feel any difference.

The above reports show us that the conclusion that Xpel MHP is good or can not vary from person to person. We need to take into account that each has a type of body, body and habits that can influence the results obtained.

Therefore, to ensure that the diuretic is really appropriate and really necessary for your case, the advice we have left is that you consult your coach, doctor and nutritionist before acquiring it.

Side effects and care

The use of Xpel MHP may have the following side effects:

  • Headaches;
  • Dehydration;
  • Renal insufficiency;
  • Extreme fatigue or weakness;
  • Increased sweat with unpleasant smell.

When you experience these or other symptoms while taking the supplement, seek medical help as soon as you can to know how to proceed and identify whether to stop or end the use of the product.

Diuretics can be dangerous because they can cause dehydration by increasing the elimination of fluid from the body through the urine. To be safe about using Xpel, consult your doctor before purchasing the product, especially if you suffer from any kind of health condition or use any type of medicine.

It is not recommended to use the supplement in conjunction with a thermogenic because the joining of the two can cause tachycardia.

How to take

The supplement manufacturer recommends taking one to two sachets daily with 400 ml of water in the morning or afternoon. The promise is that evident results will be observed within a 12-hour interval.

Already in the tablet version, the guideline is to take four capsules per day in the morning, for a maximum of five days.

More effective results are attributed to the sachet version of Xpel MHP.

While using Xpel MHP, it is vital to consume a high amount of water frequently. The reason for this is that we are talking here of a diuretic that eliminates liquid from the body. If this water is not replenished, you run the risk of suffering from dehydration.

Do you know anyone who has used and claims that Xpel MHP is good at what it promises? Feel like experiencing this supplement? Comment below!