Yellow Hornet Stacker 2 Really Slim?

Yellow Hornet Stacker 2 Really Slim? / Supplements

In the market for over 10 years, Yellow Hornet Stacker 2 can be found as Stacker 2, Yellow Hornet or as a food supplement called Black Jax. Whoever seeks it, is behind the fast, long-lasting and effective weight loss process, plus an extra dose of energy to withstand the heavy workouts of the gym. Known as a thermogenic and pharmacological food supplement, it is not considered an anabolic.

But what is this medicine made of, which says to achieve weight loss without much effort? How it works? Does Yellow Hornet Stacker 2 really lose weight? We will see all this next.


The explanation for the fame that Yellow Hornet Stacker 2 slims, is all in the product formula. When released, it was a great sensation, soon reaching the best selling slimming machine in the US. His formula had the presence of ephedrine, a strong thermogenic (accelerator of metabolism).

With the ban on ephedrine in the US and most of the world, the manufacturer had to adapt the formula. NVE was still known to be the first company to sue the US federal government arguing that Stacker 2 was safe for consumption if done correctly.

The ban on ephedrine had a major impact on the food supplement industry and new alternatives were sought. The manufacturer of Stacker started to produce it only with legalizing, stimulating and thermogenic substances, ensuring that the product really helps to lose weight without the health risk that existed before.

You can find in its original American label the list of several components responsible for the energy and thermogenic effect of Stacker, such as: bitter orange (bitter orange), kola nut, artillery plant extract and white willow bark. In addition, each capsule contains 200mg of caffeine and a TriGuggulyptoid complex.

In the Brazilian formula, the listed ingredients are: guarana powder, chromium picolinate, vitamins B6, C and E; choline, silicon dioxide, gelatin and water. Provides 120g of caffeine per serving and contains no gluten.

How Does Yellow Harnet Stacker 2 Get Slim?

The thermogenic function of Stacker 2 is to assist in burning fat, transforming it into energy and, consequently, keeping the disposition high to fulfill the various tasks of the day, including the training. By containing stimulant substances in its formula, Stacker 2 also fights muscle fatigue. In addition, its energy herbs, rich in caffeine, act to provide energy to the body.

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That way, Yellow Harnet Stacker 2 slims, as it works as a fat burner, speeding up the metabolism. The main reason for this is caffeine. However, this effect is temporary, since the body ends up creating resistance to caffeine.

According to the manufacturer of Stacker 2, this combination of ingredients can, in addition to raising energy and strength, regulate appetite and burn fats. The effects can change from person to person and will depend on the other routine habits of each. There are people who claim to have achieved great weight loss results and others who have not noticed so much difference.

Contraindication and Side Effects

Some components of Stacker 2 may be harmful to the health of people sensitive to them. They can speed up the heart, give headaches, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia and raise blood pressure. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with any illness should consult a doctor before taking Stacker 2.

People who have the habit of consuming caffeine daily should be careful to decrease the amount of this substance while medicating themselves with Yellow Hornet Stacker 2.

How to consume

To lose weight effectively, as the product guarantees, it is recommended to consume 1 capsule after each meal, without exceeding the amount of 3 capsules per day. Its use is most effective if accompanied by regular physical exercise and a healthy diet. Check the label of the product for indication of use, since you may be consuming an American formula different from the one found in Brazil.

Have you made use of the product? Do you think Yellow Hornet Stacker 2 really thin? How were the effects on you? Comment below!