Zantrex-3 Really Slim?

Zantrex-3 Really Slim? / Supplements

Drugs aimed at weight loss are not lacking in the market. Not all are effective, some take time for the consumer to feel its effects and do not always work the same way with all people, but this is normal. Most of these medications are just weight loss aids, as they require diet and exercise so that the promise of the pack comes true.

Zantrex-3 is one of these medicines used for weight loss and has a tempting formula: It provides energy and is even able to directly burn fat. But mistrust still persists and many people are still wondering whether or not this drug actually offers many benefits for those who want to lose weight. Zantrex-3 really slimming? Exercises and diet are needed for the remedy to take effect? How does it work? We will uncover the secrets behind this inviting formula.

Does Zantrex-3 lose weight?

Zentrax-3 is a thermogenic (fat burner) and energetic stimulant. It has three types of caffeine in its formula, and on average there are 300 mg of caffeine per pill. It promises to stimulate lipolysis (break down of fat in fatty acids and glycerol) and inhibit phosphodiesterase (which, in turn, inhibits lipolysis).

There is not much research and study on the way Zentrax-3 works in the body, but there are experts who say that this drug stimulates metabolism and decreases appetite, but there are controversies about it and the effects are different from person to person. Therefore, Zantrex-3 can be said to lose weight, but its effects will really be effective if one adheres to a diet and exercises, already taking advantage of the energy boost that promotes the medicine.


This weight loss drug has some essential primary ingredients, such as caffeine and Guarana extract, responsible for energy boosting. In the formula, there is also extract of green tea, Damiana, mate kola, Kola, black pepper extract, black tea extract, cocoa seed, among others.

Green tea, the antioxidant ingredient, controls free radicals in the body. It also promotes the blocking of carcinogens and the effects of ultraviolet light. Green tea contains polyphenols that promote weight loss through increased energy expenditure.

Damiana is a stimulant used in cases of depression and headache. Some use it to treat impotence and sterility when associated with anxiety.

Schizonoepeta is a Chinese herb that is used to treat colds, flu and inflammation.

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Ginseng is an herb that helps normalize bodily functions, reduces stress, increases energy levels and softens sexual impotence. In addition, it preserves muscle mass while stimulating the immune system.

Maca root promotes physical stamina, improves sexual potency and the ability to cope with stress levels.

The stimulant Kola nut is similar to caffeine and is also present in the Zantrex-3 formula.


We have seen that Zantrex-3 slims, but some side effects can be felt early in the consumption of this medication, mainly by people sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine. You may experience anxiety, irritability, agitation, high blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite, headache, irritation in the stomach, aggression, agitation, nervousness, and fast heartbeat.

There are two types of Zantrex-3 on the market: the blue box and the red box. There are not so many specifications about the similarities and differences between the two medicines, but by reading the testimonials from the people who consumed them, one can have an idea of ​​these differences.

Zantrex-3 Red has been seen as a "strong medicine", more suitable for athletes or people who work more intensely. Zantrex-3 Azul was rated as best dosed, and the main compliments were: it did not cause problems sleeping, it guaranteed energy all day, it contributed to the weight loss and it diminished the appetite.

What to do and what to avoid

In most cases, take 2 capsules with a glass of water, 15 minutes before meals. Do not exceed 2 servings in the 8 hour interval and do not stop feeding.

For just one energy boost, you should take 1 or 2 capsules, depending on the time you want. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. People sensitive to caffeine should decrease the dose.

In the time period in which you take Zantrex-3, reduce the consumption of caffeinated foods and beverages.

Caffeine in blood

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that, in the right dose and allied to a healthy life, can lead to weight loss. This is due to the fact that this food works as a thermogenic, like green tea, pepper, ginger, guarana and lemon juice.The process occurs as follows: Caffeine raises the body's temperature, speeds up the metabolism, which ends up burning more fat to keep up.

And that's why Zantrex-3, famous for the weight-loss effect, has such a high percentage of caffeine. However, care should always be taken with the dose ingested. Abuse in caffeine brings no more weight loss, but rather harmful side effects to health.

Have you taken this medicine? Zantrex-3 really thin? What did you think of the result in your body? Comment below!